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  1. Feels pretty grounded for a crime drama with redneck poppy farmers, Mexican drug cartel and money launderers. Each character is unique and has a satisfying story arc. BTW those children are pretty dope.

  2. Phoebe Waller-Bridge has put together a weirdly unique combination of tropes in Killing Eve. It has assassins, MI6, too many lesbian and gay characters blended together in a stylized story which doesn’t take itself too seriously. The humor, action, and romance all get better in 2nd season and again near the end of the 3rd season. 2nd season felt very similar to but far better than Hanibal and things took interesting turn in the 3rd season. High hopes for the 4th one.

  3. I can't believe that I had missed the last season of the wire in my first watch. And trust me the last season delivered on all of that build-up, plotlines, character developments, and expectations. The wire is not about drugs or police it is about the city of Baltimore and its systemic flaws. The system is unwrapped layer by layer starting from drug gangs and police to politicians, schools, newspapers, and charities. People inside Baltimore are shaped by this ruthless and self-perpetuating cycle of misery and are surprisingly learned to live with it. Everyone knows what needs to be done, some people know how to do those things and only a couple ever show the willpower to so. The show is not entirely nihilistic rather hand it ends on a happy note with most of the main cast living their lives happily ever after but Baltimore remains the same breeding more of the same. There hasn't been any other fictional show (that I have watched) more impactful and invigorating than wire and I love wire for that.


  1. Fight scenes, comedy, and world building are the strongpoints. Most of the story lines are very predictable and some of them are quite boring.

  2. The influence of Naruto on Jujutsu Kaisen is readily apparent and it feels like a Naruto, ghostbuster hybrid. The plot is ok, fight scenes well-directed, no fillers, and the animation is beautiful. A worthy watch for Naruto, and Bleach fans.

  3. This film is designed to make you face the uncomfortable truth. From religious bigotry to police brutality it covers it all with great sensitivity and care. It has candidness of the documentary, emotional connect of a drama and style of an art-house film while being none of those three. A must-watch and a masterpiece.

  4. This made me fall in love with jazz. (and ig whiplash cemented it)

  5. One of the best psychological horror produced in any medium. The story is very well written which is complemented perfectly with the amazing animation and music. It successfully creates a creepy and freighting ambiance with a rewarding ending.

  6. Another Isekai anime which has started strong but could go either way.

  7. Influence of the Legend of Korra on animation style is readily apparent. The story is coherent even for people who havn't played the DOTA, but feels more impactful after playing the game.