Cheat Sheets

Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to make creating and changing any kind of text very efficient. It is included as "vi" with most UNIX systems and with Apple OS X.
  1. h,j,k,l --> left,bottom,top,right
  2. gg -top of doc
  3. G - bottom of doc
  4. (num) (command) - num times that command
  5. dd - delete
  6. u - undo
  7. 6ctr+r - redo
  8. yy- copy
  9. p - paste below
  10. P - paste above
  11. v - visual mode
  12. o - inserta line below
  13. O -insert a line above
  14. w - next word
  15. b - back a word
  16. ^ - home
  17. $ - end
  18. % -end of block
  19. f -find next
  20. t - goto
  21. c -change
  22. cw -change and write
  23. D - delete all to the right
  24. C - change all to the right
  25. c t (char) - change until char
  26. / (search-phrase) - search forward
  27. ? (search-phrase) - search backwards
  28. shift+n - next search result
  29. :s/(find)/(replace)
  30. :s/(find)/(replace)/g - Find and replace all
  31. :s/(find)/(replace)/gc - With confirmation
  1. svg width="256" height="256" viewBox="0 0 256 256">

  2. svg preserveAspectRatio="xMidYMid"
    xMidYMid—uniform scaling, aligning to the middle.
    xMinYMin—uniform scaling, aligning to the top-left.
    xMaxYMax—uniform scaling, aligning to the bottom-right.

  3. circle cx="100" cy="100" r="100" /
    cx—the centre “x” coordinate.
    cy—the centre “y” coordinate.
    r—the radius of the circle (half its width).

  4. ellipse cx="100" cy="100" rx="100" ry="50" /
    cx—the centre “x” coordinate.
    cy—the centre “y” coordinate.
    rx—the horizontal radius of the oval (half its width).
    ry—the verical radius of the oval (half its height).

  5. rect x="0" y="0" width="256" height="64" rx="5" ry="5" /
    x—the top left corner’s “x” coordinate.
    y—the top left corder’s “y” coordinate.
    width—the horizontal size of the rectangle.
    height—the vertical size of the rectangle.
    rx—for adding rounded corners; the horizontal radius of the rounding circle.
    ry—for adding rounded corners; the vertical radius of the rounding circle.

  6. Path:
    < path d="instructions here" / >
    M = move to
    L = line to
    H = horizontal line to
    V = vertical line to
    C = curve to
    S = smooth curve to
    Q = quadratic Bézier curve
    T = smooth quadratic Bézier curve to
    A rx ry rotate large_arc_flag sweep_flag x y = eliptical arc
    Draw a elliptical arc from the current point to x, y. The ellipse has radius rx ry (major/minor axis), rotated by rotate (in degrees, clockwise.). The large_arc_flag and sweep_flag should be 1 or 0, they control which section of the ellipse to use.
    Z = close path

    no caps to follow relative coordinates


  1. Pixilart: Pixel art
  2. Pixlr X/E: Online photo editor
  3. Photopea: Online photo editor
  4. Cipher tools
  5. Spotify playlist import/export/convert
  6. Transfer playlists between streaming services (i.e. Youtube, Spotify)
  7. haveibeenpwned: Check if your password is in leaked wordlists (WARNING:sending your password to a website on internet is unsafe)
  8. OSINT
    1. OSINT Framework
    2. PhoneInfoga: OSINT for phone numbers (linux)
    3. Osintgram: OSINT tool on Instagram to collect, analyze, and run reconnaissance
    4. shodan: search engine for Internet-connected devices
    5. spyse: Internet assets registry
  9. Privacy
    1. Browser fingerprint test
    2. Quackr: Temporary phone number
    3. Temp mail: Temporary email IDs


  1. Movie Torrents: needs VPN
  2. Media downloader: Downloads links from youtube and many more sites
  3. Anime & Manga
    1. 9anime (Indian proxy)
    2. Gogoanime
    3. Manga: One Piece
    4. Slime isekai and manga


  1. linuxjourney: Learn the ways of Linux-fu, for free.
Currently Using Manjaro 21.0 KDE Plasma
  1. Guide to KDE customization
  2. Guide to KDE Activities
Was using Mint 20.1 olyssa Cinnamon
  1. Apps
    1. Flameshot (snap/flat): Screenshots
    2. Stacer: System Optimizer & Monitoring Tool
    3. Redshift: Adjusts screen color temperature according to your surroundings
    4. Hypnotix : IPTV streaming application with support for live TV, movies and series.
    5. Simplenote: sync notes across Windows, Linux, Android, and MacOS
    6. ulauncher: Application launcher for Linux
    7. Krita: Digital painting and image manipulation
    8. bitwarden : Password Manager
    9. nextcloud: Cloud service
    10. lbry: Youtube alternative
    11. joplin: Markdown editor. Also exports notes into HTML.
    12. strawberry: Music library management. Pulls track metadata
  2. Customisation and Beautification
    1. pexels: Free to download professional photos
    2. Gnome Looks: Themes, icon packs, wallpapers and much more
    3. la-capitaine-icon-theme
    4. Conky widgets and themes
    5. My cocky widgets
    6. Plymouth themes
    7. Bash tools


  1. Netlify: Free web hosting
  2. Neocities: Free web hosting platform and community for begginers
  3. HTML & CSS
    1. Protected HTML Pages
    2. Charts for websites
    3. Collapsible content
    4. Free guest book for website
    5. CSS formats
  4. Three.js
    1. Three.js
    2. Three.js Fundamentals
    3. Free 3D textures
    4. Convert fonts to .json
  5. React
    1. ES6 overview
    2. Getting started with react