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  1. Expectations are always high for a Cohen bros film, and this one does deliver on them. After watching a few of their films, the style becomes familiar. Ballad of Buster Scruggs has a lot of that absurd randomnesses, typical of Cohens, along with some heartfelt moments. There is much foreshadowing with poems like Ozymandias or with the clothing choices, but it doesn't always lead to expected outcomes. Starting with a fast-paced, upbeat, blood-filled, and satirical short, the movie slows down little by little, to a bloodless frightful conversation, while exploring a lot of things on the way. Nature is harsh, vast, and at its full glory, making characters appear more helpless than they should be.

  2. Even after so many years of movie-making, the narrative and style of Casablanca feel fresh. It truly does brings out the sentimentalist in everyone, no matter how skeptical you are about the movie. While being a romance, it still feels very unique due to its fast-paced and plot-heavy nature. It sneakily addresses many things like American isolationism, the moral dilemma of ignorance, and the centrality of virtues, while you're enthralled by brilliant performances.

  3. This one is a highly underrated movie. The story is simple and mostly told visually. It creates tension by using previously shown information, character traits and manages to make even the most ordinary scene into an emotionally packed drama.

  4. Damn, that was something!

  5. Watched it in parts while traveling. This is a high school drama about a group of students self-reflecting and accepting themselves and each other. Would have enjoyed it far more if the context was Indian. Good to watch with teens.

  6. White Tiger by Arvind Adiga is one of the most upsetting books I have ever read (along with Dostoyevsky). The film captures that mood of discomfort and delivers an unfiltered Indian reality. Only if India could produce more of such original content (alas!). Everything from political references and vulgarity to villages and cites felt relatable while making them feel equally bastardized.

  7. Gonna do a rewatch

  8. It is a criminally underrated film with something fresh to offer. It offers an unfiltered experience of Mumbai captured from multiple percpectives and artistic mediums, Aamir khan felt a bit out of place though.

  9. Toxic masculinity!

  10. It is a true masterpiece with bold ambitions, stunning visuals, and eargasmic music of A.R. Rehman. The movie draws you in with traditional Bollywood (and Tollywood) tactics while setting up the next half with overt and covert symbolism. It is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, which handles all of them well while delivering a strong message.

  11. An adoptation of the old classic Devdas which feels surprisingly modern. Characters and plot are similar to the Devdas yet orignal but still don't feel that connectable or real.

  12. Focused on a multifaceted and talented personality who slowly but surely descends into madness.

  13. A slow-paced character study that steadily unfolds situations around protagonists beautifully. The movie takes you to the 1980s in Nicolae Ceaușescu’s Romania and explore's the era through 2 women trying to abort an unwanted pregnancy. The socialist dictatorship and the impact it had on the lives of common people are beautifully shown without saying much directly. The bleakness of the country is readily apparent, economic mismanagement and socialist weirdness stand out anytime an official with even a minute of authority speaks. The movie is also shot through the perspective of college youth, hopefully dreaming of better lives in a dystopian present, showing the contrast between their aspirations and reality.

  14. This is a unique film that actually benefits from its typical Bollywood style by making it more approachable to its target audience. There is much drama that surprisingly serves a purpose in the film and weaves all the story threads together while delivering a coherent and meaningful narrative. Rather than taking a route of oversimplification into good vs evil categories, the movie introduces a large cast of side characters and explores nuances through their web of interconnected experiences and realizations while also making most of them relatable and likable. In a Bollywood mainstream filled to the brim with toxic masculinity, this feels like a fresh breeze of rational criticism of the status quo which is much welcome.

  15. One of the best movie I have ever seen in long time.

  16. Felt a bit underwhelming maybe because of familiarity

  17. Could appreciate it more in the second watch. Also noticed some loopholes.

  18. This film is designed to make you face the uncomforting truth. From religious begotary, to police brutality it covers it all with great sensativity and care.

  19. Goddamit!! now diving into the world of Jazz

  20. A touching story from WW2 whose emotional impact cannot be overstated.

  21. Every aspect of this movie is refreshingly unique and innovative. It delivers its message effectively without making you feel like you’re receiving sermons and keeping you entertained simultaneously.

  22. Outdid my expectations, but still felt unnecessarily long towards the end.

  23. This movie has an immense influence on Bollywood and you easily notice that watching the movie, you can also notice the wild-west influence on the Sholay. Rather than just copy-paste wild west formula, Sholay adapted it for the Indian audience making it feel less gritty while adding a lot of comedy. Sholay is beautifully shot, has great dialogues, well-developed characters but most importantly it’s entertaining. For a 3hr long movie, it stays surprisingly fresh and bounces back and forth between moods while never losing the focus. It certainly is a masterpiece that can probably lose unnecessary songs and make Basanti less

  24. Humor was spot on, animation was refreshing and loved all the little details which made dogs feel more relatable than humans.

  25. The look and feel was certainly unique, story was compelling and really well executed.

  26. What a brilliant creation and I loved King George more than I should. The characterization was candid and more honest than I expected (thanks to the Hamiltons). I am not a big fan of rap, hip-hop, and blues but this musical took me by storm and delivered a mind-blowing experience.